: Snow tires

01-19-05, 07:17 PM
Just one more plug for the Dunlop M3 run flats in the snow. We finally got a few inches of the white stuff here in Eastern Pennsylvania and the drive home was a blast. Could not wait to get to my Cul De Sac, so I could do some Indy Style circle burnouts, to drive my wife crazy....

ALSO - GREAT NEWS !!! I found a solution to the wheel hop....Only get on it in the snow...Spins like crazy without any of the abuse to your rear end !!

01-19-05, 10:49 PM
The M3's worked well for me, I spent a lot of time sideways :) but I expected that with RWD.

Compared to my Corvette on run-flats there was definitely more grip in every area. However, it still won't take much to get the V stuck, even with snow tires.