: Fuse Box Location

Robert J
05-25-13, 12:37 AM
I had to jump start my 2010 SRX and now radio will not work. I want to try and check fues but can not locate fues pannel. Can anyone tell me were it is located Thanks

Robert J
05-25-13, 07:10 AM
I need to check the fuse for the radio but do no know where the fuse box is. Does anyone know the location.

05-25-13, 10:29 AM
There are three fuse box locations as described in the Owners Manual. One is under the hood on the driver's side, the second is inside under the dash, in the centre console on the passenger's side, where their left foot would go, and the third is in the very rear left of the cargo area beside/in front of the driver's side taillight.

Aside from checking in the Manual or opening each of the three, I don't know which one houses the fuses for the radio.

Also, please do not start two threads asking the same thing.