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01-18-05, 11:20 PM
My blood has always run GM and I just purchased my first Cadillac, new 2004 Escalade. The only thing I don't like is the nav DVD, the software is not worth a flip. I used a Garmin 2610 in my Tahoe and loved it, it would take you right to a house number on any street, anywhere in the USA. The dvd supplied with my Escalade only finds major highways in most cases. Some of the roads I ask it to find are actually on the map but the data base won't find it for you. I feel that is an important part of a mapping system, because a paper map will give you the same results and sometimes better. I am sure that a package like, City Streets, could be developed on a dvd for the Cadillac nav system and would make the system more user friendly. Help if you can.

10-22-05, 11:06 PM
Hmmm....my 2003 STS's nav system will take you right to an address.

11-04-05, 12:27 AM
My 00' Nav is not bad. High populated cities around here work great.. But out in the boonies it lacks streets. I dont think a map created by city streets would work.


AZ Escalade
11-04-05, 04:09 PM
I just got a 2005 Escalade with DVD Nav and it does not have my street and house on it. My house is 5 years old and my subdivision is about 7 years old. I was sort of disappointed. But, there are some newer areas in Phoenix that are on the dvd. I dont know if there is an updated version out yet. Maybe living in Tucson doesnt help either! I have not used the Nav to locate an address for me yet. I just have been using it to see how current/accurate it is.

Mark Edward Morrison
06-07-14, 01:09 PM
Not to bring up an old thread, but I have the newest Nav disc version 10.4 and my home was built in 1964 and it's not on there?? I can't find my parents house that was built in 1972 either? It always pulls up some stupid ass name( I am trying to put in VICTORIA PL and it will pull up VICTORIA WAY and I can't input the PL for place??) that I am NOT trying to put in and won't let me input the street name I am trying to input? Yes I have the manual and have read it, any other way to input address to find them easier? Just frustrating!