: Unhappy 2004 SRX N* AWD Owner

05-23-13, 06:49 PM
I am only posting this with the hopes that prospective SRX buyers are informed. I have seen all the other unhappy owners posts and it is a sign this is not a quality product.

Bought our 04 SRX about 6 years ago from GM dealer (used trade in from older couple.) Only 17K miles on it when purchased (at 81K now..)and had been religiously maintained by GM dealer. SO this was not a improperly maintained/abused used vehicle as some will try to blame. We have had following issues in the 6 years of use:

1. 3 water pumps - they die almost exactly at 21k miles of use.
2. Uncountable front turn signal bulbs and sockets - this should be free repair everytime by dealer since the design is so obviously crap.
3. Airflow meter
4. complete NAV unit replaced
5. missing screws replaced on ultra-view
6. power steering pump and high pressure line
7.valve cover gaskets leaking - these have been 'fixed' by 2 different dealers and still oil smell everytime wife pulls into garage.

Today taken to dealer for the "all warning lights on dash, TC light lit, running so rough that it dies when put in gear" - another seemingly common issue since I have seen many others post about it. And what is the dealer recommending for fix? New throttle body and sensors,new maf connector, and ecu reflash. Total of $1200. All at 80K?!?!

It is no wonder the Ford has been exceeding projections lately. One may be my next purchase.


05-23-13, 08:25 PM
Yea Fords just so reliable.....

05-23-13, 11:01 PM
I'm sticking to imports and Dodge trucks after I get rid of mine.

05-23-13, 11:32 PM
Dodge doesn't make trucks anymore : )

05-24-13, 02:51 AM
I knoooooooow :( this 96 should run for awhile haha

05-24-13, 03:45 AM
Can't speak to your Northstar issues since my 06 has the LY7, but I replaced the turn signals and sockets four and a half years ago at 100K miles (84K miles ago) and haven't touched them since. So, not a design issue. Are you sure the dealer or whoever is replacing the bulbs and sockets with the updated parts? srxturnsignals.shutterfly.com.

I find the SRX to be a very reliable car. I have never changed the transmission oil, have changed the rear end oil and ltd slip fluid once, put 160K on the spark plugs and timing chains, still have the original water pump, alternator, compressor, ps pump, radiator, thermostat . . . yadda yadda yadda . . . it's been good to me.

05-24-13, 08:21 AM
If you replaced the sockets then wouldn't it have been a design issue?

05-24-13, 08:57 AM
Everyone is gonna have a different experience. My 2004 six v8 had hardly no issues. Only major ones were transfer case and power steering pump. It was still a beast at 160,000 mies before a 75 year old in a Camry decided to hit me

05-27-13, 02:20 PM
If you replaced the sockets then wouldn't it have been a design issue?
GM doesn't make bulbs or sockets. I think you will find that GM's design specs were just fine, but the supplier made promises they couldn't or didn't keep.