: 99 Deville

01-18-05, 09:34 AM
Bought the car (base trim level) in Aug 01, $19,995.00 with 34K miles on the clock. I'm 2nd owner. Now (Jan 05) has 96K on it. Extended warranty when I bought it, and another at 75K miles, which I haven't had to even call on.

It's the Moonstone Metallic with grey interior.
A few small problems in first year or so - had alternator replaced twice, A/C condenser, radiator & overflow tank, all under warranty. Rubber all around about two years ago - Michelin X from BestBuy, $105 each or so.

Hasn't seen the dealer for anything since Dec 02. Put new pads and rotors all around in July at 85K miles. New serp. belt at same time. So in the last 20K miles or so, it's cost maybe $700 in parts, most of which was the rotors.

Mostly for commute to work, 30 mile R/T on the A/C expressway. Average 22 mpg on mid-grade gas.

Uses maybe a quart of oil every 1500 miles or so. I change with Castrol and top up with whatever's handy.

Car runs smooth as silk, quiet, fast, deceptively quick. You can tell it's a 4,000 lb car when you sling it around corners, but as a highway cruiser it's unbeatable. Interior is flawless, no rips or tears in leather or anything, no parts popping loose, no problems whatsoever. About the only noise you hear at 85 MPH is a slight rattle from the right passenger ash tray... :crying:

Overall, I'd give this used car about an 9 on a scale of 10. Apart from the mechanicals that failed, luckily covered by the extended GMAC warranty, it's been pretty much perfect.

05-10-05, 03:33 PM
I picked up a 99 deVille with 51K a couple of months ago. A real creampuff, black paint in beautiful condition, interior spotless, all the electric gizmos work. Oil was clear as glass. Great road car, quiet, smooth, sure footed, and powerful. Humungous trunk which comes in handy taking children back and forth to college. The Northstar has plenty of power, so much so that I cannot leave the pedal on the floor very long. Nothing can beat this car off the stoplights. Highway gas mileage is an impressive 27 mpg. Banging around town still gets 21. The sound system is cassette tape of which I don't have any, and they seem to have stopped selling them. Maybe I'll start recording my own to carry me thru the radio wasteland that Clear Channel has created.
It's a long, and requires care parking or easing into a garage lest you mess up the flawless paint by hitting something. So far nothing has gone wrong. It asked for it's first oil change yesterday and I gave it one 'cause it's been so nice to me.

07-22-05, 02:28 PM
My 99 has the cd player with RDS. It works great. I love the powerful NorthStar, but it likes oil to much, but its worth it to keep it running that smooth and quiet. Its much more quiet than my 93, but the 93 has a better w/p ratio, so its a little faster. But not as smooth and quiet. Although the 93 is bigger and has more comfortable seats.

07-23-05, 05:49 AM
The 98 I drive has a 12 Disc changer in the trunk and any of you who have a Cassestte can get one installed easy, the wireing is there as it was an option in 98-99 for them. I'd imagine disc trunk changers are cheap now compared to what they used to cost. Used to have michelen symetry tires on it but those wore really fast, after doing research turns out tire companies sell "quick wear" and/or OEM tires to dealers which wear very fast compared to the retial version. Replaced them with P3000 CINTURATO M&S (http://www.us.pirelli.com/en_US/tyres/catalog/tyre_category.jhtml?catid=US_ASCT&productid=2664). They are all-season tires that perform in snow like winter tires. I would sugguest them to anyone who wants a tire that is great in performance and needs winter traction in those winter months.

08-08-05, 03:37 AM
I have a 97 base that I bought off Ebay for $3000 with 90k miles. I have 110,000 on it now needs a catalytic convertor and front struts ( I think) the gas mileage is average of 23mpg I absolutely love the car. I like the floaty ride and the power. I dont really care for the dangerous torque steer that it gets if you push the pedal way down but I rarely do. Radio and handleing is way better than my 02 impala. All in all I will definately get another Deville in 2 years when this 1 is over 220,000 miles

08-21-05, 04:16 PM
alot of times the struts just need to be lubed and they say they need replaceing. Just get them lubed from time to time and usually they are ok. If you pass the emissions tests don't worry about the catalytic converter, its just there to help the car pass inspection. Most cars pass those even without the catalytic converter.