: Shifter trim removal for radio access

05-23-13, 11:43 AM
I'm planning to install a Nav bypass module and need to get at the back of the radio. Does anyone know how to remove the shifter trim (knob, boot, and surrounding trim that comes out as one piece)? A service manual I have doesn't help much and just says 'release it using a plastic trim removal tool'. Is it simply retainer clips that need some upward force or are there actual clips that need to be disengaged?

05-23-13, 12:04 PM
Well, I discovered the vinyl shifter boot actually pops out from the surrounding plastic trim. Just hook your fingers under the rear part of the boot and lift up. The back will pivot up and then the front will unhook. To replace it, the front part of the boot hooks in and then you press down on the rear to seat it again. Still can't get the plastic trim that the boot snaps into out though (the piece labeled '1' above). From there, removing the radio will be pretty straight forward I imagine. Being delicate as broken trim is the last thing I need.

05-23-13, 12:48 PM
Look for a video on youtube from wait4me.

05-23-13, 01:21 PM
Look for a video on youtube from wait4me.

Found it. Thanks for the clue. Looks like I have to man up and just pry them off.

05-23-13, 05:43 PM
The video was helpful but there is a slight trick to getting the trim off, particularly the two pieces running along side the shifter. The key is that the trim has to be lifted off directly to the roof of the car. While he starts prying from the inside rear edge in the video, this is just to get a little wiggle room. Then get the trim removal tool under the lower outside edge and lift the trim straight up to the car's roof. It'll come right out. The rest was pretty easy. The shifter plastic surround trim did require a bit of elbow grease and a leap of faith to pull out the first time. Phew! Thanks for directing me to that video. Didn't see it when I searched YouTube before asking.

05-24-13, 12:58 PM
can somebody insert a link to the youtube video. I cant seem to find it.



I found them.



Neither video shows how to complete remove the bezel from the buttons and electronics though. In order to buff with a RO Polisher those would need to be removed. Also not sure how to get the bezel around the shift knob "automatic" off and away from the knob so I can work on that too on my work bench.

05-24-13, 03:32 PM
Removing the auto trim goes as follows (I just got my HelmInc complete service manual):
1) Remove the Shift Knob by inserting a plastic trim tool between the boot and knob to expose the screw that holds the knob in place. The screw faces towards the back of the car.
2) Remove the screw to get the shift knob free, tightening torque 27 lb in. (not lb ft)
3) Remove the boot from the trim using a plastic trim tool to release the retaining tabs. ie pry it off at the base
4) Remove the side trim appliques as you see in the video (the trim pieces on either side of the center console)
5) Remove the shifter trim that the boot locks into by firmly pulling upward on the rear of the piece. There are two tabs and it takes some elbow grease to get them free the first time.

Think that should do it for you.