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01-17-05, 11:08 PM
I've had my 75 Deville for about a year now. It's definately the most comfortable car I've ever sat in. The ride is absolutely terrific, it glides over speed bumps and I can hardly notice them. Sitting on a 130" wheelbase, the car is 231" long and 80" wide, longer than most full size trucks and wider than an Hummer H2.

The 500 cubic inch V8 provides adequate power in stock form fed through a TH400 3 speed automatic, stock 1/4 mile times were around 18 which wasn't too bad for a full size in the 70s. Expect about 8-10mpg city, up to 14 cruising at 65 on the highway. The 500 was rated at 190hp and 380 ft.lbs. of torque, however for some reason they were underrated and actually put out 300hp and nearly 500 ft.lbs when rebuilt to stock specs. For a little more oomph to get the 5049 pound sedan moving there are many performance parts available, anywhere up to 600hp can be done for fairly cheap and more for more money.

Maintaining this car is pretty easy, it seems like there's plenty of room everywhere, and the engine compartment is absolutely gargantuan - it can be hard to reach the engine without climbing up inside under the hood. Being a GM and being from the 70s, there's no computer and parts are cheap.

Pros: Extreme comfort, size, safety, reliability, pimp factor, ride, performance parts availability.
Cons: Gas mileage, handling (like you'd buy one of these for handling.)

Fred Fachman
02-19-05, 12:02 PM
I would have to agree that the '75-'76 DeVilles were one of the best looking body styles of the decade. I had a '75 Coupe and a '76 sedan. Both cars were excellent drivers,very comfortable and bulletproof. The drivetrain is indestructable and repairs are easily made and inexpensive. The drawbacks,as Dave mentioned, was fuel mileage, poor plastics on the interior and a hood so heavy that it is difficult to find one without at least one broken hinge. You think Cad's of the 80's were big. Guess again.

02-20-05, 05:56 PM
This may be of some interest:

05-23-05, 09:10 PM
my first cadillac was a 1972 coupe deville and then a 76 sedan deville. the 72 had the 472 and the 76 the 500. They were neat cars but the 72 was the superior car and was a little quicker and a little more nimble

However there is nothing nimble about these cars, but punch the gas while looking to pass and listen to them purr!

05-23-05, 09:22 PM
76 had a cat, 72 didn't have a cat... that's why the 76 felt a bit slower.

Night Wolf
05-29-05, 01:28 AM
I love the '75/'76 Coupe DeVille...

the outside is amazing... but the interrior could have used work (that is the one thing I really like about my '79 better then the '75... the interrior... IMO so much better)

but man, the sheer size and mass of the '75... and the style.... puts my '79 to shame.... I still would like to find one some day...

but... for my purpose... a 472/500 build up... the '79 is a much better chassis... smaller, lighter, much more nimble and a handful of aftermarket parts.... while still being a classic Cadillac :)

06-29-05, 01:31 AM
hey i just joined and saw you had a earlier deville then i do, I have a 79'. I noticed you said you could juice up the engine for cheap? Im inerested in learning more about fixing custizing mine. so any idea's would be awesome.
thxs jes

06-29-05, 04:36 AM
Then check out the 500/472/425/368 forum.