: Radio Problem

01-17-05, 05:38 PM
Hey guys,

I have a '98 Catera. Yesterday I noticed the radio was not working and the lights on the mirror were not working either. But when I turned the car off the radio and lights worked fine. After a little investigating I discovered the radio and lights stopped working only when the ignition was turned to the "on" position (the position where the car is running). I have not checked the fuse box yet.

Anybody else seen or heard of this problem??


ja killz
01-26-05, 10:41 AM
run a diag...? ill help you with the codes after

01-28-05, 02:37 PM
run a diag...? ill help you with the codes after

What do I need in order to run a diag?

02-02-05, 05:44 AM
u bet....check this out!!!

My grandfather owns a 99 Caddy Catera w/ a Bose system. I know that it is the single amplifier kind and NOT the kind that has an amp for each indv speaker. The prob is that since he bought the car used 2yrs ago he has been going through batteries like a mad man. He finally just got fed up w/ dealing the caddy dealership morons and took the car into an auto electric shop. They determined that the problem was that there was a constant 8v (yes, 8 volt!!!) draw on the battery when the car was off. They traced the 8v draw back to the factory bose audio system. The problem was that they did not tell us where on the wiring schematic or what part of the audio system was causing the 8v draw.

I understand that 8v is a crazy draw on the battery in and of itself as I am former car audio comp guy. Have any of u heard of a problem like this b4?

As of now, my grandpa is taking the catera into the other caddy dealership on thursday b/c I saw the wiring schematic for this vehicle and nearly fainted. I am used to toyotas and hondas where there are only 2-4 instruments running on 1 circuit whereas, the catera had about 15!!! Any sugestions??? need help b4 my grandpa spends piles of money at the $105/hr caddy dealer...

02-28-05, 12:21 PM
What do I need in order to run a diag?
i am having the same problem with the radio not starting in the on position but will in the off. do you know the problem??? help

02-28-05, 01:53 PM
I think you mean there was an '8 amp' drain, not 8 volt. Amp is the amount of current flowing. And yes, 8 amp would be a huge drain and would kill the battery rather quickly.

Cadillacs have known problems, in about this age, with drains from the radio amplifier, and also a drain from the Onstar system, even in cars without Onstar activated (one year only?) The dealer should have know about these, or checked TSB's for the problems.

A wild guess about the radio not running in the on position - Do you know these cars probably have a 'retained power function'? This means certain things, such as the radio, will continue to function even after the key is turned off, unless a door is opened, for about 10 minutes. Then it too shuts down. There is also a feature where any current drain from certain circuits, such interior lights or trunk light, after 10 minutes this circuit will be shut down. This keeps these things from killing the battery if left on.

These are good features, but if the timers and relays that control all this go bad, things like what you are getting will happen. Without factory service manuals, diagnois is going to be very tough.

03-01-05, 12:20 PM
STAR 2323 did you ever figure out the problem with your radio? well i guess i would have to check the relays and timers to further examine the issue. will running a diag tests help any? and where should i start with the relays and timers? any help is appreciated!!

03-19-05, 05:50 PM
I have been working with my Mothers '97 seville. after about $1800 at the cadillac dealership they still do not know the problem I started to work on it and noticed the speakers stayed on when the ignition was off (very faint static, you may have to put your ear by the speaker to hear it.) As of now I have disabled her radio by pulling the amplifier fuse. she still has a clock. any suggestions on what causes this circuit to stay on?