: Catera Stalls.. starts/runs after sitting... then stalls again

05-22-13, 08:01 PM
Could somebody/ anybody PLEASE help me with this problem? My '99 Catera just turned 170,000 miles and aside from some of the common Catera problems. Mine has seen very little time in the repair shop. Until recently. My Catera just spent three days in the repair shop/ I dropped it off there because my brakes were very soft (could barely stop the vehicle) so sa few days later; new brake lines installed; and several hundreds of dollars (of course). I was driving the car home when it stalled so I let the car sit for a few minutes before it would start. After driving it 1 mile it stalled again and it stalled again a third time just feet from the driveway so I pushed it the rest of the way. Now Im about to call a tow truck to take it BACK to the repair shop:bonkers: If anyone has any advice or remedy for this problem I would greatly appreciate some help

05-22-13, 09:45 PM
The first step is to have the codes pulled.

Next time it won't start, remove the gas cap, put your ear up to it, and have a helper turn the key to the ON position. See if you can hear the fuel pump running.

05-23-13, 07:46 PM
I'm curious, the shop replaced only the brake lines to fix the problem?

05-24-13, 12:05 PM
Crankshaft positioning sensor may be the problem. VERY common issue your description is symptomatic of a CPS problem

05-24-13, 07:45 PM
I was thinking CPS also. Odd that it restarted right away though.. or did it have to sit for a bit to cool off?

05-25-13, 09:29 PM
I wouldn't say that! In my case I just couldn't start engine right away. Engine was starting after like 3-5 cranks and then running just fine till I shut it off. Cam shaft position sansor failed same way but before crank sensor

05-30-13, 02:13 PM
My car had similar problems, but disconnecting the MAF allowed me to drive it until I got the O2 sensor it needed to operate correctly. I may be completely off base on this, but our cars require creative thinking to diagnose. Of course, the crank and/or cam sensors could also be faulty, but the disconnect of the MAF is quick and easy and if it doesn't help, you've eliminated one more possibility.

05-30-13, 03:07 PM
Disconnecting the MAF will allow the car to run of the MAF is faulty, it has nothing to do with the O2 sensors. And faulty O2 sensors will not cause the OPs symptoms.