: weird transmission issues

05-22-13, 11:33 AM
About a week ago i was having tranny issues, from a cold start when put into drive it would want to move like normal but it seemed like when it warmed up it would go into limp mode without saying it was because when i would come to a stop at a light and go to take off the car doesn't want to move. Accelerates very slow until it gets past 40km/h then i can feel the tranny come back and give more power. At first i thought fluid and filter change but with work and kids didn't have time yet to take it in. And then i drove it to work one day and on the way home i lost the left head gasket coolant leaked out as i pulled into drive way without over heating. So we pulled engine apart and changed driver side gasket and put back tohether after a few days waiting for part and did engine oil n filter change. And now all tranny issues have gone away. It runs very strong no limp modes nothing. sorry for long post but im stumped on how all issues are gone from doin the jobs i described. Any input?

05-22-13, 03:58 PM
Sorry, but I had to laugh at the thread tile. To me all transmission problems are weird! No idea as to your problem, but I'm sure that it didn't fix itself.

05-22-13, 10:12 PM
I know lol i know but just found it odd that after it being down for a week it has ran fine. Have took it on a couple hard runs too in sport and it shifts smooth and no delays. With the car on 240 000 plus km i guess a fluid changed n filter won't hurt it either