: Transmission Fluid for 6MT

05-22-13, 06:54 AM
Just want to confirm this service manual I found is correct. It says the 6MT transmission takes 1.9 qts of GL5 75W90 gear oil. Is this right? Seems weird the transmission is using the same gear oil as the rear diff.

05-22-13, 12:15 PM
Well it is a gearbox :)

05-22-13, 12:33 PM
Completely wrong

The tr6060 takes dexron III atf which no one (except gm) can actually produce anymore.

Gm actually makes dex3 under what they call now manual transmission fluid( I still have 4-5 quarts)
It's $8-12 iirc

Definitively don't use gear oil.

I'm looking to get rid of it, if you decide to. Buy some pm me.

05-22-13, 12:49 PM
Yeah, what manuals are you looking at?

05-22-13, 05:35 PM
I have a pdf of a 2008-2009 CTS/V service manual (been shared by a member with a ton of other info on Google Drive). The problem is the PDF doesn't contain a table of contents so finding specific items is a biatch. I looked at the wrong transmission...it also lists an Aisin AY6 which takes gear oil. In another section there's the Tremec 6060 that lists 3.65 qts of GM part number 88861800.

05-23-13, 02:52 PM
GM also sells DEXIII in one gallon containers. Pick up one of those, you'll need nearly all of it.

05-24-13, 08:45 PM
Royal Purple Synchromax in mine.

2010 Tremec TR6060 (MG9) 6/5/2009
Type: Rear wheel drive, six-speed manual overdrive transmission
Engine range: LSA super charged 555hp
Maximum engine torque: 551 lb-ft ( 747 Nm )
Maximum gearbox torque: 560 lb-ft ( 760 Nm )
Gear ratios: MG9
First: 2.660
Second: 1.780
Third: 1.300
Fourth: 1.000
Fifth: 0.800
Sixth: 0.630
Reverse: 2.900
Final Drive Ratio: 3.730
Maximum validated gross vehicle weight: 4255 lb ( 1930 kg )
Case material: Aluminum
Center distance: 85 mm
Fluid type: Texaco ATF Type III 1863
Transmission weight: Wet: 65.8 kg (145.1 lb )
Fluid capacity (approximate): Dry: 3.8L +/- 0.06L (4.0 qt) 128 oz. +/- 2 oz, internal pump
Power take off: No
Applications: Cadillac CTS V

05-24-13, 08:46 PM
I just bought a gallon of Amsoil Signature Series ATF. We'll see how that does.