: Cadillac Owners out there with late 90's Cadillacs or newer

joel braudrick
01-16-05, 06:36 PM
Hey My Friends,
Got a good one for you I was Christmas shopping this last december and when I came out of the m...all of all things my Headlights were Gone!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe it I called the local Dealer and I was totally shocked at what they cost by the time I got the total bill they were 215.00 each a total of over 400.00 dollars so beware and watch where you park your Caddies in a m...all for they are stealing parts from them and mine is a 99 Deville d"elegance just wantedto give you a heads up warning its terrible that you can't drive your own v...ehicle without someone doing something to it .:crying2: :rant2:

01-16-05, 09:19 PM
Never heard that one! Sorry for your loss.

joel braudrick
01-17-05, 05:22 AM
Well Caddyblack
After the shock of the price wore off , the thiefs got a light with a small crack in it. It cost me but I came out on the top in a way.