: Northeast Guys!! Help me find a place to live in Rhode Island or metro.

01-16-05, 11:40 AM
Rob, Sal, Sandy, Katshot come to mind... :D

OK, So I vowed I would NEVER live in the northeast, and as usual with things I vow not to do, it might just be happening after all. I may be accepting a position with my old employer and moving to the northeast, particularly Lincoln, RI. It was between that, and Utica, NY and Scranton, PA. Based on nothing but its location on the map in relation to water, and the few images I got of RI, I picked the Lincoln location, which I see is close to Providence.

So ive been searching for apartments, and Im quickly finding that this is the typical northeast "commuter" type city I guess? In other words Im finding apartments that are coming up in MA and a few spots in RI as opposed to Lincoln Proper. I need guidance on what are the "not bad" areas of this state, and where I might be able to find a nice studio to 1 bedroom for up to 700.00 per month, preferrably LESS THAN THAT! As im used to places that are like 380-465 a month. I have found more than a couple in that range within 15-20 minutes of Providence, but I have no clue what the area they are in is like. Here is a couple of examples...





Im a Texas, Arizona, Florida type person, so I hope my initial impressions of the NE are good if I move up there, despite the weather.

01-16-05, 02:46 PM
Should of got the Yukon, :rofl:

01-16-05, 02:55 PM
Ohh dont you worry... Im already thinkin about that....

Sort of by accident I stumbled upon a Bentley dealer in the Chicago area that offered to basically buy my Lexus, and has used Escalades, Infiniti QX56's, Several VW Touaregs and several Porsche Cayenne's at very very cheap lease rates. I will definitely eventually need a reliable truck of some sort up there if I go.