: inexpensive wheel help

05-20-13, 09:10 PM
I am looking for 18 or 19" wheels for my V wagon to make a winter set. i have searched posts and found people have had luck with the dr37 wheel (which I am sorry but is not my personal favorite) and the touren tr9. I found a corvette copy wheel in 18x8.5 that had perfect specs on paper, but did not clear the front calipers, so I wasted a lot of money on shipping.
does anyone have any inexpensive wheel suggestions in 18 or 19" diameter, with 8 or 8.5 width? ideally made in USA (I know there is no chance of made in USA wheel that would also be cheap, so I have accepted made in china for this one). please list exact make and model if you have any suggestions. thanks in advance.
the factory wheels are hub-centered. i doubt any aftermarket wheel would be, although for $100 we can buy a set of hub centering custom rings.

05-20-13, 09:48 PM
Check out TSW - plenty of people running those but I'm not sure I'd consider $1600+ a set (plus tires) cheap.

05-21-13, 11:21 AM
Presence Distribution has a set of matte gunmetal TSWs w/ Blizzaks for a great price...

05-22-13, 06:24 PM
The TSW Nurburgring wheel looks a lot like the OEM wheel and will clear the caliper in an 18" or 19" diameter. I use 18x9.5x 40 mm offset on all four corners. That wheel also comes in a 18x8.0x35mm and 19x8.0x35 mm.

The OEM wheels are hub-centric (67.1 mm hub size). My TSW wheels have a 76 mm hub so I just have spacers to make the wheel hub centric.
TSW wheels are not made in USA, but neither are the OEM wheels (Taiwan).