: Rims & tires

05-20-13, 06:11 PM
I'm thinking of picking up some slick wheels and tires. Might even move up to 18" or 19". Anyone have any ideas for tires or rim styles. Also do you think the stock Run-Flats be any good for winter?:confused:


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05-21-13, 04:43 PM
all i can say the car rides much stiffer with 18 the tires are lower profile

05-23-13, 12:53 AM
Al, this is only an opinion since you asked: I would suggest it would be better to spend the $$ on a set of winter rims and tires, and keep the stock run flats for the summer months as I don't really think the stock tires are going to be very effective for our winters.

If money is no object, of course, go for a new set of summers AND get a set of winters on rims if you so desire. But if you're only looking to spend for one set, I think that spending it on a set of winter tires with rims is the better way to go.

05-23-13, 05:01 PM
I run 19's with 225/35/19's on my other vehicle.

The ride quality is fine....until you hit bumps and pot-holes. That car also has lowering springs, mind you.

So with all that said...if you're going to run 19's on this car...either run 235/35/19's all the way around on something like 19X8.5 +35/38 offset wheels....or if you go staggered, go with 19X8.5 +35/38 and 19X9.5 +43 or more and run 235/35/19's with 265/30/19's for tires.

To run any wider of a tire, you'd need a higher offset of +48 or so...but then you start running the risk of being too close to the shock tower if the rim itself is too wide (greater than 9.5").