: Good repair shop in DC/MD/VA area

01-14-05, 07:57 PM
What repair shops have you all used that you were satisfied with in the DC metro area? Even dealerships if they were good. If you had real engine work done on your Premium V8, even better! Thanks for any insights!! :)

01-16-05, 10:22 PM
Is there a better forum to post this in? I figured there's got to be a few Northstar owners in the DC area... Thanks!

01-16-05, 11:10 PM
I don't think that the bord is the problem. The problem is the shitty shop factor. Take it from a mechanic: 99.9% of the mechanics suck and will rip you off. (As you can see, I wasn't the real popular guy around the shop.)

The real value of this board is the collective knowledge. Lots of people have diverse knowledge bases, yet eveyone seems to know that you'll need a 55 gallon drum of vasoline in the "back" when you pull into a shop. In addition to engaging in a general pissing contest, many of us try to contribue our knowledge so that we can help each other make repairs a diy.

Without pulling out of this window to double check, your relative has the car with the cracked block. That's a tough repair and a tough call as far as advising: The stealer specailzes in n/stars, and the other option is a shop that specalizes in engine installs. If I were going to farm out the job, I don't know which one I would select. I do know, however, that I wouldn't have a general repair shop--water pumps, starters, tune ups, belts, ect--do the repair. The more expert mechanic, meaning someone that installs engines 8/5/40, 12 months of the year, the better CHANCE you have getting a satisfactory repair.

Good luck.

01-17-05, 12:49 AM
I gave up trying to find a good repair shop 50 years ago.

01-17-05, 10:28 AM
I'm in Annapolis, but I swear the main reason I bought the STS was the marketing on the 100K maintenance, so I would not have to take it to a shop!

It's never been to a shop since I purchased it. Oil changes, brakes, etc. in the home garage. All garages, dealer, etc., scare me.

However, I believe Moore Cadillac in Tysons and Capitol Cadillac in Greenbelt seem to have a good reputation.

Good luck!

99STS 104K