: Looking for 09 silver shifter plate

05-19-13, 04:55 PM
Does anyone have a surplus 09 silver shifter plate for sale? I did the fix for the squeaking console and I grabbed the wrong screw (grabbed the long screw, shoulda been short) when I put the shift indicator back into the silver shift plate. Since I was using friction tape, I thought it was tight due to some of the tape getting in with the screw. Nope, I was wrong and I found out when I turned the plate over. The screw pushed against the plate from underneath and it has what looks like a white pimple as the screw pushed against the bottom of the screw hole. I'd really like to find a plate to replace this one, but buying from GM isn't an option. I can't see paying $150 for a plastic plate. Ouch that's an expensive part.

If anyone has one let me know by PM.