: Bad front diff?

05-19-13, 02:10 PM
Made a sharp left u turn today and the right front axle felt like it totally locked up. Car lurched forward and back while it felt like if you put on a set of oversize tired and making a sharp turn the wheels rub badly against a control arm and keep seizing. The truck kept moving but it didn't want to I powered through it. Service stability system popped on the nav dic but no abs or tc lights. Turned off and back on no light but did not attempt to move it.

It's an 05 srx v6 awd sport model. I don't have my snap on modus with me. We are in the process of moving my sister out of college and we need the truck to load her crap and bring home.

I was thinking wheel bearing and just unplug one to disable the system to drive home but I thought it weird that no abs or tc light came on which leads me to think diff. Thoughts?!

05-19-13, 04:04 PM
Maybe oil is low in diff. And stop with the sharp U turns.:histeric:

05-21-13, 02:58 PM
Steering position sensor or bad wheel sensor.