: Installed a backup camera!!

05-19-13, 06:51 AM
I know this is one of those first world problems but I was sorely missing a backup camera in the v. I decided to do something about it. I went with the navtv product because it really simplifies the install. It really wasn't that tough and it works great! It's a huge safety feature. My 4 year old son is only barely visible (if at all) through the rear view mirror! My daughter is 7 so she's a bit taller. In any event, backing in to a space or parallel parking will be so much easier!

05-19-13, 11:25 AM
Now that I'm in front of a PC, I just wanted to let my fellow V brothers know that there is a good, RELATIVELY easy way to put in a backup camera in an '09 or '10 V. While I would have liked to have some some $ going with a less expensive option, all things considered, for the time I would have spent getting all of the right connectors and doing the work, the extra $$ on the NavTV was well spent to really smooth out the install. There's only 5 wires, plus the connection to the NavTV unit itself. In fact, the wiring is even easier than that because of the 5, two are power and two are ground (each of the like wires can be tied together, so now you're actually only dealing with finding one power and one ground in the car) and the final wire is the reverse trigger wire. So, the install is a matter of mounting the camera and running the cable up to the driver's side dash and then over to the center console. Even getting the wire from the trunk into the car was easy. I pulled the bottom cushion of the rear seat out (which is simply a matter of tugging on the seat) and we used a coat hangar to pull the camera cable through. Then I ran the cable under the various door sill trim pieces up to the front. Also, I didn't tap into the reverse light (though I could have), instead I just tied into the reverse trigger wire on the BCM (which is also where I got power). All things considered, it was pretty easy.

05-19-13, 09:29 PM
Did you use the one that replaces the tag light module??

05-19-13, 09:36 PM
Did you use the one that replaces the tag light module??

For the camera, I used a boyo vtl375hd. No particular reason other than I'd used one before. Works really well.

05-20-13, 01:36 AM