: Aftermarket Stereo in 05 CTS?

01-14-05, 02:34 PM
just brought all my equipment (Pioneere deck forgot the name, 4 rockford speeks, 4 tweeters, 2 amps, 2 subs, box,cap,etc)

To my car audio guy for my 05 CTS i just got.

Now the CTS dash is weird. First off I need to keep the stock radio in because it is HUGE and it would look stupid if I took it out and put shelves in. Also it has all your mpg,temperature,etc functions so you want that on.

So the conclusion I game to was put the deck where the ashtrey was, It doesent look THAT great but its the only chocie I got since I want the EQ functionalty plus mp3 cd support
That is basically what it would look like, but a diff deck, and manual tranny.

Now I went to my car audio guy. He said It was going to be a nightmare to interface an aftermarket deck and keep the stock one still running.because they dont make any sort of kit. He said he would have to re-wire it and whatnot.

He refffered me to a more custom place, do you guys think this can be done tho?

01-15-05, 02:45 AM
as long as your replacing ALL of the stereo equipment i think it should be ok. i have no idea what the harnesses look like on the stock equipment, but i would think you would have to find all the speaker wire turn ons and just cut them out.

also i think your gonna have to completely re-wire everything. just put the new deck in the ashtray, and run new wires to the speaker locations, ground out the old ones nice and safe.

im not completely sure on all this though, ive never really had to deal with modern technology on stock equipment lol.

and that chrome looking deck looks quite nice in the ashtray i think. sorta gonna be in the way of your shifter knob, but theres always a price to pay for glory.

best of luck