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05-18-13, 11:50 AM
This morning it appears that the "cadillacforums.com" link is dead. Firefox shows the message "I cannot connect to the database". BUT, if I go to Google something like "cadillac forums past vehicle discussion" it opens the forum and I'm already signed in. Same procedure holds for any forum that I know the name of - as here in Help Desk - the only way to get here is through a Google search link. If I click the "Cadillac Forums" tab in the upper left it searches for 10 - 15 seconds, then up comes "I cannot connect to the database".

Ranger called by landline and he has the same problem.

05-18-13, 12:46 PM
...same Problem...also Firefox or Chrome...and via smartphone with Android browser...Tapatalk works....

...and when I'm logged in...and in a thread...member list/member details or profile doesn't work either....same "I cannot connect to the database"...

05-18-13, 01:47 PM
I can't get to the Staff forums in order to report info on this - same problem - "cannot connect ......." . I Reported these posts using the little triangle with the ! in it and hopefully they'll go to the Admin site for the CF owner's administrators to work on. Thanks for the comeback. "Stuff happens".

p.s. - I got into my profile through the "Settings" tab.

05-18-13, 06:52 PM
1850 EDT - the site is still messed up big time. Looks like most of the primary and internal redirects are locked or missing.

05-19-13, 10:20 AM
1015 today - still have big problems - only way to use a forum is to Google it, opening more and more tabs for specific forums.

05-19-13, 11:12 AM

...the problem still exists...http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/images/smilies/fryingpan.gif

...there is no way to get/go directly from the main page to enter the "main forum"/overview (or using the link for the main forum) ---> some *.php-links are still dead...like "www.cadillacforums.com/forums/forum.php"
...or the "member.php?..."
...just saved some links as favorite now (to some of the specific forums)...
...but that's a little...:rant2::rant2:http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/images/smilies/rant2.gif ... ;)


05-19-13, 01:05 PM
Just received a PM from one of our Administrators - same problem ............. so now it moves to higher authority.

05-19-13, 01:56 PM
I use a Google search to get in. Then I click the New Posts tab at the top right and click on the forum I am looking for. Hopefully this gets fixed quick


05-19-13, 02:07 PM
App still works fine but the main site is infact dead.

05-21-13, 03:43 PM
This should be fixed now.

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