View Full Version : 12 disk Delco to Neochanger swap possible?

STS 310
01-13-05, 04:55 PM
ANyone know if it is possible. I have heard that someone has used this set up as they had a SLS with no changer, but the cable in the trunk. It was plug and play. Seems like a swap would be the same thing. It would most likely be cheaper.

Reason being, is I think that my changer is going out. After 9 years it may not owe me anything.

01-14-05, 12:24 AM
I don't know for sure, but if you look down a few posts, I went with the USA Spec 6 disk. It works with the factory radio well.
Each preset on your radio corresponds with the disk (1-6) So I can only assume that you would need 12 preset buttons to select the disk.
Price is about the same between mine and the neochanger.
A few folks thought I was nuts from buying it off of Crutchfield, but they were very helpful, it was here in 2 days, and their tech support has been worth it. If you call them they will even give you the reason why a 12 disk will or wont work.
I was going to buy a head unit, kit, and speakers and the guy said that the install in the dash would be shotty since the dash is odd, and advised me to go with the changer. I would have spent just as much if not more had I gone the other way, so I cant imagine the advice was to make the sale.