: Tune up

05-17-13, 02:12 PM
How much does it cost at a dealership to do a tune up for my sts 07

05-17-13, 02:21 PM
I guess that depends on what is included in this 'tune-up'.
How many miles on your V6? AWD or RWD?

05-17-13, 02:23 PM
:yeah: A "tune-up" can include a number of services, all depends on the dealership.

05-17-13, 02:50 PM
V6 rwd 3.6L 98k

05-17-13, 07:20 PM

05-17-13, 07:24 PM
Your 2007 manual specifies the following for 100,000 mile service.

Replace spark plugs (N* prefers OEM)
Transmission fluid and filter change (like most members, I recommend against a flush)
Clean throttle body

Everything else is tied to oil change service interval (or every other) or inspections. Your 2007 manual also specifies oil qualified by GM spec GM4718M, same as the N* but earlier V6 were different. I've had great success with Mobil1.

Your dealer will probably want to do more; that's their revenue enhancement plan. I wouldn't unless there's an issue. Inspections are good and should be included for free if you're having this work done.

05-17-13, 07:38 PM
For the above I'd say $500-600 easy at a dealer...But this isn't work I would bring my car to a dealer for. Find a reputable local shop, usually much cheaper labor rates there.

Spark plugs are totally doable in the drive way, I'm sure there's a DIY somewhere on here or in the 1st gen CTS forum, I need to do that too actually.

A trans drain/refill will probably run $150...DexVI isn't cheap.

And you can easily clean the throttle body yourself too.