: 2010 Window problem

Born Loser
05-17-13, 01:54 PM
2010, with 48k, had a bad week. First, the windshield washer sensor failed, 2 days later, the sunroof drain pooped loose, and 2 days after that, the drivers side power window started only moving about an inch each time you pushed the button. I took the door panel loose, and pulled the regulator/motor assembly. then separated the 2. the regulator moves free by hand. When I connected the motor, without the regulator, it did the same thing, turned only a little bit, then stopped. Ordered a new motor, and its working normal again. I made a couple youtube videos how to do it, if anyone wants to fix it for $50 themselves. Probably make one for the washer sensor too. That part was $28.

Part 1 - http://youtu.be/Lqn6d3Qwk6g
Part 2 - http://youtu.be/pkblpqQ6QZU

05-20-13, 10:16 AM
Right on. Good to see DIY vids.

05-20-13, 11:30 AM
...........but at 48K, aren't you still under warranty?

05-20-13, 10:29 PM
Great video! Hope I don't need it anytime soon, but I added it to my favs just in case...