: Wiring sub amp in escalade

05-16-13, 08:50 PM
I'm going to installing the MTX thunderform in my 07. It's the amped version so I need to know which wires in the console to tap into for the Hi-level input or what interface to get to do a RCA. Also what wire to get the remote-on for the amp.



well from a quick google search it looks like we don't have the option of a plug-n-play for out NAV equipped.
I only need the signal for the sub so that means tapping into the Bose sub after the amp. The amp is under the console which will be removed but which wires are the right ones to tap into? Using a line out convertor(LOC) and getting power for the amp-on from somewhere.

This is what I find for sub inputs but not sure about pre-bose amp or after.

Also turn on for amp appears to be white as is the antenna.

Subwoofer (+/-) white - pink (with surround) +,- radio, brown 16 pin plug, pins 4 and 12

Factory Amp Turn-on same as power antenna (some models only)

Power Antenna white + radio, black 14 pin plug, pin 6

anyone that has some more info on this would be greatly appreciated.


ahh, there is an interface for a mono-amp...thing is $100, though. Almost worth letting the local high-end stereo shop just do this.
GMLAN-AMP-01 is the adapter.

05-16-13, 09:19 PM
I recommend a PAC SOEM-T L.O.C. That's what I used. It fits nicely under the cupholders so it's easily hidden. It will give you the remote turn on for your amp. The SOEM-T needs pwr/gnd so grab that from the 2 wires behind the cigarette lighter. It's a good setup..easy to get pwr/gnd close by, no need to hunt for a remote, and everything is contained under the cup holders. It's cheap too..around $20.

Wire colors, on amp side of the connection under the cupholders:

Blue/white: right +
Light green/black: right -
Dark green: left +
Light blue/black: left -

Thanks to jt321, he posted the wire colors a while back when I was wondering.

05-16-13, 09:48 PM
isn't the cig lighter always ON?


ok, it's speaker signaled power-on.

I went ahead and ordered one.