: factory XM fact finding (GM is locking us out!)

01-12-05, 06:38 PM
04 SRX V8 - non bose 6 disc changer, no factory xm.

Please don't flame me for trying another way to get GM XM module in my SRX. I may have a chance to get my hands on a delphi xm module. If its a virgin module, I just need to get the right one, it will learn the VIN. If it's from another car, its locked to that VIN and my gm tech will see about trying to unlock it...not sure if that's possible. I know many have checked this issue with negative results.

:worship: Is it possible those who have done bose upgrades, or even those who already have factory XM could take a peek at the xm module and give me the correct part number?

I know they are on parts restriction, which is why I can't get a part number. And I don't think it is the same as the CTS xm module (GM 25769476) which shows up on the ctsowners website.

The xm module is located in the right quarterpanel, just behind the lower trim assembly. It is accessed by removing both the upper and lower panel trim assemblies which gives you an excellent look to the receiver bracket and wiring connections. I believe I have the wires, but I'll have to remove the plug blanks they put on the connector. And I can deal with installing xm antenna if i get that past all these other obstacles.
:worship: (any pics posted would be extremely helpful) :worship:

Be careful! The key to removing the upper trim panel is the Air Bag icon...it pries loose to reveal the only screw holding upper trim panel...the rest are clips that pop right out.

Some of you may know, removing the 3 screws for the storage bin on the lower panel may give you a look. The top screw requires removing top trim panel, the other two screws are under the rubber bottom in the storage bin.

If those who have already been there have an xm module, the part number should be easy to see. Thanks in advance.