View Full Version : DTS Shut Down

05-16-13, 09:49 AM
Last night my 2006 DTS shut down on me after my low oil light was on for about 2 days. I thought it was a sensor because I just had to oil changed 6 weeks ago. I added 2 quarts of oil and let it sit. The engine would turn over and then conk out after 5 secs. Can anyone give me some insight? Thanks

05-16-13, 09:24 PM
Did you check the oil to see if it was two quarts low before you added the two quarts?

05-16-13, 09:52 PM
You assumed it was a sensor, and drive around for 2 days with a low oil warning???

Open hood.
Pull out dipstick.
Check level.

30 seconds, a minute tops?

In any case, it has nothing to do with your stall.

05-17-13, 08:14 AM
the engine control module will shut the engine down with a anti theft or throttle actuator control problem.

So far I have not found a correlation between low oil and a engine shutdown although i have read of people that have experienced it.

It would seem to me that a modern engine would shut down just to save itself. Mike