: Shifter dilemma

05-16-13, 08:52 AM
Ok, my 05 V needs a new shifter... like the pivot ball is all messed up and the rubber that holds the shifter up is ripped. The shifter rubs the driveshaft because it is falling.

Now, i need to fix this asap. I also might be selling the car because i just bought a new house so i dont want to spend a ton of money. Should i look for a used stock shifter? Get an aftermaket one? If i get an aftermarket one will that resolve my problem? Any input would be great.


05-16-13, 08:55 AM
You need look no further than here: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2004-2007-cadillac-cts-v-general/192900-custom-short-shifter-ordering-process-6.html

05-16-13, 08:58 AM
I have been in contact with him about this. The problem is, my shifter is no good as a core. So its going to cost me $300 for the shifter. I am probably going to be selling the car, so is there a cheaper option? If there isnt, i will just have to bite the bullet.

05-16-13, 09:24 AM
Sorry, that is a tough one. I don't know of a cheaper alternative but, I have not searched. As you know, a new shifter may not add $300 to resale value, but a car that does not shift right can certainly reduce the resale value since the buyer will have to assume transmission and/clutch issues may be involved.

05-16-13, 12:24 PM
you might try ebay - thought someone mentioned there were stock ones for sale on there...

05-16-13, 12:57 PM
$300 is still cheaper than getting a new stock shifter ...

05-16-13, 02:56 PM
heres one


05-16-13, 05:04 PM
That Ralco one doesn't have the pieces he needs. Like we discussed, send me all the the pieces and I'll see what I can do. I'm 99% sure I can hook you up.


05-16-13, 05:05 PM
Thanks Brian! I will send it out this weekend!