: 84 fleetwood rwd level ride

05-14-13, 10:34 PM
my level ride system used to operate like it should, but out for the first time this year with it and the level ride kicks in on startup and charged the system properly. only problem is, once it drops down in height, it won't turn back on until the key is turned off and back on. then it charges fully. but never turns back on until the key is cycled again. could this be the level sensor causing this?

05-15-13, 12:42 AM
A few questions to help sort out the problem...

1. When you say "...once it drops down in height..." do you mean "when the rear of the car is weighed down"? Or do you mean that the car, after the system kicks in on start up, eventually lowers on it's own?

2. When you say that the system kicks in on start up, do you mean that it turns on about 10 seconds after start up...or as you turn the key...or both?

In reference to question #1, if the car is weighed down and doesn't level itself (or at least try to...), then it could be the level sensor not detecting the low ride height. But, if the car is lowering on its own, it could have a leak. BTW, if you have a leak...and the level sensor is ok, then you should periodically get the system running as you drive...trying to level the rear of the car).

In reference to question #2, if the rear of the car is not too low as you turn the key, the system will only run a second or two about 10 seconds in, but not as you turn the key. However, if the rear of the car is too low as you turn the key, the system should level the rear of the car right upon start up...and will probably again run the system a second or two about 10 seconds in, as well.

Hope this helps...

05-15-13, 07:59 AM
the air system does bleed down on its own, so when the key is turned on the level ride turns on right away. but while driving, it will not turn back on until i turn the key off and back on, then it will charge properly. on a 45 min highway ride, I had to do the key thing 3 times to get it back up. will not turn on the air by itself. it wouldn't be such an issue to me, but the car is lowered, and without the air ride, the driveshaft yoke rubs on the body a little bit.

05-15-13, 11:15 AM
It's working as designed for a system that has a leak. Fix the leak, it will work normally.

05-15-13, 12:23 PM
definitely not working normally, cuz with or without a leak i shouldn't have to cycle the ignition to get the pump to kick in when the ride height is too low. the sensor should see that and trigger the compressor? never had a problem until this year, so its definitely not normal.

05-15-13, 07:56 PM
You're misunderstanding what I said. I know it's not working "normally". However, it is working normally (as stated in the FSM) for a system that is leaking. Here's what happens. After parking the car, the system leaks down, and sags. When you start the car, the sensor reports the car is too low and the compressor is activated. The car raises. However, pressure doesn't stay in the system due to the leak, and the compressor continues to run, trying to level the car. Eventually, the compressor will shut off to protect it. This is why you have to cycle the key to get it to go again. Surprised you haven't burned out the compressor yet. Find the leak, solve your problems. It's a big leak, too, because if it were small, the compressor would continue to cycle for short periods. One more point: did you mod your sensor level arm to accommodate the lowered ride height? If not, you need to.

05-15-13, 08:30 PM
ya i already modded the level arm to compensate. it actually is just a small leak, but the compressor does bring it back to normal ride height. it just never turns back on when it does sag out until key cycle. saturday its going to the shop so i can work on the hoist and leak check the lines. i found tonight the compressor is leaking a little also, so i'm going to address that as well when i'm in there. i gotta get it right because the driveshaft yoke keeps hitting the crossover frame when it sinks down lol. thinking i gotta cut out some material for clearance issues cuz when i'm hard on the throttle the yoke starts hitting. the joys of custom cars lol