: D3 Cadillac going to Sonoma May 25th, 2013

Dr. Design
05-14-13, 02:53 PM

D3 Cadillac is coming to Northern California and will be racing at Sonoma Raceway May 25th, 2013 in the Cadillac Challenge. We would like to invite D3 customers and fellow Cadillac enthusiasts out to the track for that day to see live product demonstrations, on track performance, and speak with fellow Cadillac enthusiasts.

If you are interested in attending, ride-alongs, or just want to see some really fast Cadillacs, come on out.


Paddock Map -
http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r134/ctd3rnd/D3_SON__zpsfa55ba93.jpg (http://s143.photobucket.com/user/ctd3rnd/media/D3_SON__zpsfa55ba93.jpg.html)

Thank you,

Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac