: 2006 STS V6 3.6 Water Pump Seal Replacement - Torq to Yield Bolts?

05-14-13, 02:32 PM
Fairly new member here with an issue on my 2006 STS (3.6 V6, 75,000 miles). On occasion the water pump leaks and now that the weather has broken I have decided to replace the Water Pump Seal rather than continue to add coolant every month or so. My Question to anyone who has done this job… did you replace the Torque to Yield bolts that hold the water pump in place? The GM Service Procedure indicates that the bolts need to be replaced (If I never looked at the procedure I would have never thought to replace the bolts!) Local auto parts stores no nothing of said bolt and the dealership is looking for $6.67 per bolt! I am not looking forward to replacing a $10 seal with $40+ dollars’ worth of bolts if I do not have too.

Any thoughts or recommendations on the replacement on the seal on the water pump?

05-14-13, 06:28 PM
At 75,000 miles, and with a leaky pump seal, I think I would go the full "Monty" and change the pump as well (pump, bolts, the works). Total job; under two hundred bucks (if you do it yourself). Just an opinion.

If you want to just replace the seal you could use standard bolts (but I wouldn't reuse the torque to yield bolts; they have done their job and have been compromised after being installed and then removed).

05-15-13, 02:52 PM
Thanks Connoisseur, I think the full "Monty" is best bet if I have to replace the bolts as well. Looks as if I can order them off GM Parts Direct for $3.88 (42% Discount).