: Dash Vent Issues

05-14-13, 01:22 PM
I have an odd issue with my 2005 V.

No matter what the settings are on the HVAC system, the outboard most dash vents will not blow any air, even if I use the dial and shut off the center vents. On defrost, the thin vents that defrost the door windows work, but not the main vent next to them.

I can feel and hear the flaps in the vent working when I move the dial below the vent, but it does not make any difference in the amount of air blowing out of the vent. Settings on the HVAC screen (floor, dash, etc.) will turn the center dash vents on and off, but have no effect on the outboard vents. Same issue whether the HVAC is on heat or AC. I've searched the archives, but only seem to find people that have issues with the heater core

They were working a few weeks ago...

Any hints on where to start looking for the issue?