: Magnet for Problems

05-14-13, 10:52 AM
I'm so :canttalk: mad right now!!!

It seems this radiant silver is a magnet for problems ..1st the wheel .. now some1 :want: gave me a deep 6" scratch on the passanger driver door top .. very close to the driver door.

Had estimate done .. since it is so close to the driver door they will have to paint both doors for blending...& we all know the price is a little high....

See Photo (Copy/Paste)

Does any1 know how I can repair this tastefully so it's not as noticeable without the costly collision shops? - but I do want it repaired professionally & the true cadillac standard...

Is buffing down an option? have not had this car 2 months yet!!!!!

In the Atlanta area.... Raging :mad: Wagonhead

C "T" ess
05-14-13, 11:24 AM
I have a radiant silver coupe and based on recent experience it is a hard color to match. I am so anal about my car's appearance that stone chips drive me crazy. Repaint one drivers side mirror $134, Paint hood for a stone chip, Cadillac paid for that, but their body shop said it couldn't be touched up so you wouldn't see it. I tried those kits on line and none worked, so I'm glad the dealer did the whole hood as a "customer enthusiasm " repair. While they were painting the hood, I had them paint the washer nozzles. What a difference. On the way home from getting the hood painted, I wiped out the rear bumper so it's back in the shop $400 and this time with no rental car.
I guess bottom line is that it's hard to match with out repainting the surrounding area. I would suggest turning this over to insurance to limit you cost to the amount of the deductible.

05-14-13, 11:45 AM
I'm very anal about my cars appearance as well... especially since I am not 2 mnths in owning it... I just do not understand why people enjoy vandalizing someone else property .... the price for insurance vs paying .. I would do better just to come out of pocket.. I saw a you-tube video about wet water sanding .... I may look into this!!!

Thanks 4 the advise C"T" ess...

05-14-13, 01:10 PM
Sorry to hear about this. Do you think someone keyed the top of your door? What a weird place to key a car (the photo link didn't work for me; I'm guessing it's the top of the window frame, near the roof)?

If it makes you feel any better, within three months of having my Thunder Gray CTS, I was hit in my parking garage at work. Got it repaired, couple months later me and a girl in a Beetle Convertible backed into each other in a parking lot, leaving a scuff on the corner of my bumper. Never had problems like this with my previous car, which I had 12 years.

By the way, if it makes all of us feel any better, I was on a BMW 3-series forum and someone posted the question "What have haters done to your car?" You would not believe how many members shared stories of intense vandalism -- keyed all over, paint dumped all over the car, people kicking out grilles / kicking random dents in the car, spitting / urinating on cars, the list goes on. Like pages and pages of posts. I suppose driving a BMW makes you a target...at least our CTS's aren't asking to be damaged quite as blatantly!

05-14-13, 01:42 PM
Get a "Magnet Monkey" for the trunk. You may need two, one S pole and one N pole to be sure. DO NOT get one male and one female. Real problems.

05-14-13, 03:00 PM
Suck it up and pay to have it done right. You've had the car only two months, and you'll probably have it another several years. If you do a half-ass job, you'll cringe every time you look at it, and you'll come to dislike the car because of it.

05-14-13, 03:42 PM
I'd agree with The_Judge. Had my car about a year before the first damage (was parked on the street and someone must have backed into the car, creasing the front fender above the wheel and scuffing the wheel). It wasn't hugely noticeable, but enough so that it bothered me whenever I walked up to the car. Ending up going through insurance, paying the deductible, and getting a new fender and the wheel refinished. Came out great, although it hurt to write the check for the deductible. And brought it to a paint specialist so that the WDT paint would match.

05-14-13, 04:19 PM
Suck it up and pay to have it done right. You've had the car only two months, and you'll probably have it another several years. If you do a half-ass job, you'll cringe eventide you look at it, and you'll come to dislike the car because of it.

Absolutely agree! I went through fire damage (see my post) and all ended up well. Except $500 dedicible....but it was small price to pay for the end results...

05-15-13, 09:12 AM
Good point on doing it right. At this stage of ownership you will be happier in the long run.

05-15-13, 11:53 AM
Thanks everyone for comments & advise... You guys are tight .. doing it the right way will have the best long term results...I had a few estimates done & it will be easier to pay out pocket.....

Will be posting another issue - FRONT END VIBRATION!!!