View Full Version : Rear Wiper Washer Fluid Fix

05-14-13, 02:26 AM
I saw some old threads in reference to the commom problem of the washer fluid not working out of the rear wiper nozel. Forgive me if this has already been covered. I recently purchased a 2005 SRX for my wife and low and behold, no rear wiper fluid would exit the nozel. Unfortunately GM decided to go with an upward facing nozel that apparently clogs with sediment, excess car wash soap, wax, etc. I wanted to save a couple bucks and avoid the cost of repair, so I gave it a try myself. This was for a 2005, your year may vary. This is how I fixed it;

1. More than likely, steps 1-4 can be avoided, however this is what I did. I wanted to see if the fluid was reaching the back of the wiper assembly, so I opened the rear hatch and removed the phillips screw from the pull down indent on the passenger side of the plastic hatch panel.

2. Very carefully and starting from the top of the hatch, I started to pull the plastic hatch panel away from the hatch. Once the screw is removed, the panel is attached by a series of strong snaps around its perimeter. When most of the panel is detached, reach in and remove the female connections to the hatch light. Finish removing the panel.

3. Disconnect the washer fluid tube from the rear of the rear wiper assembly on the inside of the hatch. The length of the tubing is held in place with some clips. I removed the tubing from the clips and placed the business end into a milk carton inside the cargo area. I then closed the hatch because the fluid will not dispense with the hatch open.

4. I then turned the ignition to "on" and pressed the rear washer button. The milk carton began to fill with fluid, telling me the problem is at the nozel.

5. The nozel has a cover that appears to be affixed to the rear wiper arm. It is not. Carefully slide the nozel cover to the right (passenger side) and you will see an indent on the left side of the cover. You can carefully use a small flat head screwdriver to slide/pop the nozel cover to the right and off.

6. Now that the nozel is exposed, I placed a rag around it and used some needle nose pliers to pull the nozel straight out, being careful not to damage the nozel. The nozel is only held in by pressure.

7. I then fired up the air compressor and attached my air hose with a rubber tip that came with my air hose kit. The rubber tip fit around the nozzle fitting and I blew out all of the garbage until air flowed freely. For good measure, I also attached the air hose to the fitting inside of the rear hatch to ensure a clear airway.

8. Place the nozel back into position and snap the nozel cap back on. Re-install the fluid tube to the rear of the wiper assembly and place the length of the tubing back into its clips. Snap the bottom snaps of the rear plastic hatch back into position, connect the hatch lamp wires, and finish snapping the top of the panel back into place. Re-install the phillips head screw and your done. Use the fluid more often to avoid clogging, good luck!