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05-14-13, 12:27 AM
I hope this is the right place to post this....

I am trying to find out what the pinouts are for the electronic parking brake assembly on the newer CTS. I really like the toggle switch to activate/deactivate the parking brake on my 2011 CTS-V coupe and want to install one on my 1969 Camaro. I ordered the brake control module (20883713) and need to figure out how to hook it up. Anyone have access to a wiring diagram that can provide the pinout for the module? Any help would be appreciated....thanks....Eric

05-14-13, 06:34 PM
Most of the CTS crowd doesn't even know these technical sub-forums exist. Moved to -V discussions forums.

05-14-13, 09:37 PM
I will look it up at work tomorrow and post it.

05-15-13, 08:53 AM
Here is a PDF of the schematics and how to calibrate the system without a scan tool.

08-26-13, 04:47 PM
Were you able to complete this? I'm looking to do the same to a classic.

08-03-16, 09:50 AM
Here is a PDF of the schematics and how to calibrate the system without a scan tool.
Is this off still available? I do not see it. I also am trying to add to another vehicle. It seems that there might be an additional module I between the parking brake module and the switch?

I appreciate it.


Also OP was the conversion successful?


Sorry that should say pdf not off.

08-03-16, 05:15 PM
^^^ - "tuckin22", this thread is 3 years old - not sure if flatrockguy is still around!!??

08-04-16, 12:35 PM
Yeah I knew it was an old one. Forgot to put "Bringing this back from the dead." Just was trying to accomplish something similar and came across this. Thought it was worth a try. Ha