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05-13-13, 11:13 PM
So i was wondering... i have a 01 catera, i want to install an aftermarket amp and sub.

I have an infinity 1200 watt amp, and kicker 12'

My question is, could i undo the the "HOT" or "POSITIVE" from the factory amp and run the wire from that to the aftermarket amp? Would that feed it the 12v constant it needs, and then rewire the factory subs to the aftermarket amp, then just run the aftermarket RCA and remote wires to my HU? Would that work the way I think it would. So instead of running my own 12v constant to my battery, just using the factory installed one?

Please any info. is welcomed.

Thank you

05-14-13, 12:49 AM
Please don't start multiple threads on the same subject.

The power supply to the factory amp will not power an after market amp, not even close.

The factory amp is for the whole system, not just the sub, so you cannot disconnect it.

The factory sub will not handle anywhere near the wattage that even a relatively small after market amp puts out.

You need to run a large gauge power wire (4/2/0) to the trunk, to a distribution block, and then use whatever gauge wire the amp calls for from there.

Drill your own hole in the firewall, and use a grommet designed for this purpose.