: 2012 CTSV SEDAN - 19x10 rear wheel with 38mm offset - will it rub

05-13-13, 05:40 PM
I am wondering if anyone has run a 19x10 rear wheel with a 38mm offset on the sedan. It will stick out about 1 inch further than the stock wheel (stock is 19x9.5 with 56mm offset). I want to try and confirm that I will not experience any tire rubbing with this wheel.

I will be running stock shocks.

I will be running 295/19/30 Hoosier R6 tires (which are .89 inches smaller in OD than stock tires).

05-13-13, 11:12 PM
What type of wheel is it ?

05-14-13, 02:35 PM
Go to this thread instead (I started 2 by mistake besause my computer crashed while I was posting the first one):