: Eliminating Unwanted Odors in Vehicles - GM Product

05-13-13, 04:07 PM
GM now pushing a new product to help with water damage odors, AC odors and other issues like smoke, pets, etc. They are telling dealers to use and recommend it for customers and to use it as a free gift when purchasing. Maybe worth getting some.
TSB is 00-00-89-027G.
For AC odors after eliminating root cause, spray 2 shots into inside ducts, turn blowers on HIGH cool with NO AC on and then 10 shots through outside vents and continue running for a minute and wipe off any excess that enters cabin.

05-13-13, 06:58 PM
This is so funny, my first thought (based on the title) was to tell you not to fart in your car!:bonkers:

Good post though! Where there are smells, there is most likely mold or something causing it and a couple of sprays of fabreze (or whatever they use) isn't going to solve the 'real' problem.

Just wondering, did they suggest this product for your car? and why?

05-13-13, 09:05 PM
Dealer is likely unaware of this product - most are slow to pick up on new stuff. I saw this in the TSB. Thats where I also found GM Fuel System Treatment Plus - another product they didnt know about.

C "T" ess
05-14-13, 11:37 AM
I've always seen dealers use Lysol. it seems to do the trick with very little residual lingering smell.

05-14-13, 09:15 PM
I think in this case, GM has a product that is intended to do much more than Lysol. Remains to be seen how good it is. I will try it.

05-16-13, 03:37 PM
And to think I was made fun of for mentioning that I used it in my cars here a while back. :(
It isn't new it has been available since the early 2000's

Anyways I have been using the GM Odorless Odor Eliminator in my cars for a couple years and do it every couple months it isnt supposed to be used as an air freshener but I do it because I like the clean neutral smell it leaves in the car afterwards because I don't use air fresheners in the car.

With the GM Odorless Odor Eliminator it is Non-allergenic, HVAC system and fabric & material safe so you can spray it in the HVAC system, ducts and vents, headliner, trunk or even mix it with certain cleaners to get odors out of the carpet and ect..

My b.f. used to be a GM Tech this is the GM literature he gave me with how they were supposed to use it.

New Product Release
A new product has been tested which may control or eliminate odors in the interior and luggage compartment areas of GM vehicles. GM Vehicle Care Odor Eliminator (formerly Atmosklear Heavy Duty Odor Eliminator) is a non-toxic, biodegradable odor remover. This odorless product has been shown to greatly reduce or remove objectionable smells of mold and mildew resulting from vehicle water leaks (as well as customer created odors, i.e. smoke) You may use GM Vehicle Care Odor Eliminator on fabrics, vinyl, leather, carpet and sound deadening materials. It may also be induced into HVAC modules and instrument panel ducts (for the control of non-bacterial related odors).

This product leaves no residual scent and should not be sold as or considered an air freshener. Product action may result in the permanent elimination of an odor and may be preferable to customers with allergies who are sensitive to perfumes.

How to Use This Product
GM Vehicle Care Odor Eliminator may be sprayed on in a ready-to-use formula or used in steam cleaners as an additive with carpet shampoo. This water-based, odorless product is safe for all vehicle interiors. Do not wet or soak any interior surface that plain water would cause to deteriorate, as this product will have the same effect. Also avoid letting this product come into contact with vinegar or any acidic substance. Acid-based products will hamper the effectiveness of, or render GM Vehicle Care Odor Eliminator inert. Instructions and cautions are printed on the bottle, but additional help is available. If you encounter a difficult to eliminate or reoccurring odor, you may call 1-800-955-8591 (in Canada, 1-800-977-4145) to obtain additional information and usage suggestions.

Parts Information
Part Number

12378554 (U.S.)

88901678 (Canada)
GM Vehicle Care Odor Eliminator - 16 oz (0.473L) Non-Aerosol Bottles (Case of 12)

Interior - New Odor Elimination Product

File In Section: 00 General Information

Bulletin No.: 00-00-89-027A

Date: January, 2002

Using GM Part # 12378554
(General guidelines for basic vehicle odor detailing, i.e., smoke, must and mildew)
The GM Odor Eliminator (GM Part # 12378554) is advanced science that emphasizes the simplicity of
vehicle odor neutralization. GM Odor Eliminator formula is an "on contact" formula, if the formula makes
contact with the odor source, the odor(s) will be neutralized leaving behind no smell of it’s own (no scent).
GM Odor Eliminator is ODORLESS and most detailing steps take only minutes to perform. Below are
three basic steps that in most vehicle odor problems, are the only steps required to odor neutralize most
used cars/trucks.

STEP ONE: (building a degreaser formula)
1. Find an empty quart bottle within the shop (requires trigger spray head).
2. Put a drop of dish soap the size of a quarter in the bottom on the bottle (Dawn dish soap is preferred
but any brand will work).
3. Add 16 oz. of GM Odor Eliminator (2 cups) to the dish soap and top off the bottle with tap water.
NOTE: This formula is referred as the degreaser formula and should be used on hard surfaces such as
the dash, interior plastic molding and leather seats.

The second step to neutralizing the vehicle is a light to medium treatment of all carpeting and upholstered
(cloth) seats with the GM Odor Eliminator formula in it’s pump bottle and a wide fan spray setting (i.e.:
carpeting on the driver's side floor pan requires 6-8 triggers pulls for coverage). The headliner and trunk
should be sprayed next.
NOTE: Lightly brushing the formula into the carpeting and upholstery is a recommended step for deep
odor problems. The dash and all hard surfaces should be sprayed with the degreaser formula. Let stand
(dwell) for 1-2 minutes then wipe off the surface

And the HVAC treatment that I use

STEP THREE: (vehicle ventilation system treatment)
The ventilation system is generally the last step in the basic treatment of the vehicle. The ventilation
systems can be a major cause of odor problems.
1. Spray the GM Odor Eliminator formula into all dash vents. (2-4 trigger pulls per vent).
2. Start the vehicle and turn the vehicle fan on high cool (not A/C setting).
3. Spray the formula (20 trigger pulls) into the outside fresh air intake vent (cowl at base of windshield).
4. Enter the vehicle after 2-3 minute and wipe off the excess formula spurting out of the dash vents.
5. Turn the heat/cooling system to the A/C maximum and engage “re-circulation” setting (fan-high
setting). Roll-up windows, spray 8-10 pumps into the vehicle towards the headliner, close doors and
let the vehicle run with the fan set on high for 5 - 7 minutes.

Picture of it


I used to be able to buy it easily but lately it appears no GM dealers are stocking it including the GM dealers my b.f's friends work at and to get it you have to order a case of 12 but it is available in 8 & 24 ounce bottles now instead of the 16oz I posted a picture of.

05-16-13, 05:09 PM
And GM Fuel system concentrate plus is just relabeled Techron Concentrate plus sold at twice the price of the Techron
BMW relabels and uses it too..




05-17-13, 01:01 PM
Guess it takes a while for GM to realize maybe a Tech Bulletin will get the dealers to start using it. Fuel System product came out around 2009 in a TB.

05-18-13, 04:20 PM
I know I have been using the Techron concentrate plus for at least 6 years or so it had to be out before that.

My b.f. always told me GM always relabeled the Techron and at some point years ago Techron changed from just just labeled as fuel system treatment which was just GM Fuel System treatment to the Concentrate Plus/GM Fuel System treatment Plus because Techron changed the formula and added some additives to clean and protect the fuel system along with the fuel pump sending unit wiper board.
they got a bulletin notifying them of the changes and part # change for the bottles.