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05-13-13, 12:51 PM
Hello all,
Just joined the forum after discovering the plethora of great information.

Back story: A friend of mine purchased a Calypso Green 94 Eldo back in 99. I liked it so much I bought a black 94 Seville SLS...I sold My SLS and moved on to other cars. Always missed it though... Recently, my mother asked me to help her find a "new-to-her" car... I mentioned Caddy but she balked. After countless hours of looking around and driving every make and model of what seems like "everything" she decided we could "look" at a caddy. Well, guess what? Now she owns a very sharp 2003 Deville.

So, I figured I'd better jump on this board and start reading and maybe have dad join as well so we can make sure the Caddy gets all the best care...

I know I will need to do more reading but if anyone has quick answers on a few things it would really be helpful:

1. Where can I find ext/int color codes (It's a dark metallic grey with medium grey interior)- I need the specifics for touch up paint and interior matching
1.5 Do you guys have a preferred vendor that sells GM parts or do you have to rely on the dealers?
2. Is there a special name given to the center console lid? Hers is cracked and I cannot find any on ebay (at least not the proper grey)
3. The back arm rest has cup holders (hers are broken)- is there a resource or part number for that?
4. When the back arm rest is lowered there is a plastic hatch into the trunk. There is a small latch that secures it (hers is missing). Where can I get this? (p/n?)
5. Do you have a "spring cleaning" section or sticky here where maybe someone has outlined all of the recommended services, fluids, etc. that one should do upon initial purchase of one of these cars? (Just wanting to be proactive)
6. Is there a write-up on proper door panel removal? (passenger speaker is blown)

I live in another state from my parents so, I'm trying to make it easy for dad to try and figure things out. I will provide input when I can. And I'll be doing the bulk of the reading on this stuff...

And I'll see if I can post some pics!

Thanks in advance!!:thumbsup:

05-13-13, 02:48 PM
Welcome to the Forums! Your mother is lucky to have such good ( and patient) help in selecting her "new to her" car. Best of luck with the Deville.

05-13-13, 09:09 PM

1. Color codes are listed in the RPO codes under the spare tire cover. Then look them up here http://lonestarthunder.com/m_rpo.php or here http://c2e.info/rpocodes/
1.5 http://www.Rockauto.com, Amazon, or Chris (rippy) over there (he'll discount dealer parts for you) >>>>>>>>>>
2. No, it's just a console lid, but you can't buy it separately. You have to buy the entire console. Keep checking Ebay. One will turn up.
3. Again, Chris or for the part number try here. http://parts.nalleygmc.com/default.aspx
4. Once again, Chris, but you can't buy the latch. You need the entire door assembly. Been there, but mine was under warranty.
5. Read the Technical Archives at the upper left of the forum page. That said, coolant is the most important. Change it now and ever 2-3 years.
6. Yes. See the Tech Tips forum.

05-15-13, 08:25 AM
Welcome to the forum. Lots of good people and info in here. Enjoy your stay!!

05-16-13, 09:21 AM
Sorry for slow response. Been out of town and instant email notification is not working.

I will look at all the links and keep on reading to learn as much as I can.

Thanks for the welcome!


One other question:

Will the door speakers from an older model Deville (ie: 2000-2002) work for this 2003 model? (As far as I can tell its a stock basic model- no fancy premium sound, no Nav)
Passenger door speaker is blown. Need to source a new one- trying to avoid $50 on ebay if at all possible.

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:welcome5: Glad you found the forum. Have fun!

Cadillac Kid03
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2000-2002 speakers should work. I wouldn't see why not. Just get some from the same model.


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Instant notification still not working....

Found a speaker. So I'm ok on that. However, it's been near impossible to locate a center console lid. I've been checking salvage yards, ebay and even posted here. Can anyone tell any other places I might be able to purchase one?