: Will a 2012 cts-v rear bumper fit on a 2012 cts?

05-13-13, 12:27 PM
Went to the mall the other day and when i came out some jackass had hit my car in the rear breaking the taillight and cracking the bumper and just took off, really nice!!, anyway gonna get it fixed next week and was thinking about putting the rear bumper from the cts-v on instead of the original I'm not really a fan of the grey plastic or the chrome strip so I figured I would change it while I have the chance now, died anyone know will the bumper fit and line up and will the exhaust line up as well I gave a 2012 cts and would use a 2012-2013 cts-v rear bumper

05-13-13, 02:03 PM
You shouldn't have any problems. A lot of guys on here have done it from what I can see.

05-16-13, 02:10 AM
Does anyone know if the CTS-V rear bumper comes without the round indent holes in it for the back up camera or sensors etc. I've been looking at pictures of them trying to make a decision if I'm gonna use the v bumper or the stock one and I'm not sure i really like the holes in the bumper, also what color is the insert in the bumper of the v looks like grey plastic to me, and if so can it be painted to match the bumper?