: New NAV Feature and HELP during I95 Closure

05-13-13, 10:51 AM
My saga -
Did my semi annual trek from SC to NJ Sunday. Of course traffic was backed up almost to Richmond and I figured it would be a good idea to check the DC and Balt. traffic info on XM132. What a nightmare. Major delays(already knew this) and I95 road closure north of DC due to an accident. Making it worse, wife was in her car an hour ahead of me hauling our cats so she was close to where closure was. Traffic channel said to use Balt/Wash Parkway so I let her know this. I know most of the interstates in DC from my travels 50 years ago while in service, so I got on I295 to get to the Parkway but that came to a stop quickly due to I95 folks exiting off I95 further north where my wife was trying to get off I95. So I was in a worse case being south of all this and I tried a feature I had never used(dont have NAVTraffic). If you press DEST and then DETOUR on the next screen, NAV will prompt for how many miles detour off route you want. I selected 25 miles hoping this would route me around closure. It sure did! Wound up traveling MD50 and MD3 towards Annapolis to I97 north then to I895 to the old tunnel in Balt. It actually worked and saved me for sure. So if you wind up in a mess like this you might want to give it a try. NAVTraffic of course has a detour feature built in.
But finally for the NEW FEATURE.
After I got into Maryland and Del. on I95 where you have the overhead signs with miles and times to exits ahead I noticed the NAV also shows travel times to the exits ahead displayed on the NAV. Dont know how accurate it is but I will see in the future. I dont know when this feature was added and dont know if it only is supported in areas where there are the overhead signs with mileage and time to exits.
Anyone else notice this new travel time on the exit displays on the NAV?

Chris Pelkey
05-13-13, 11:51 AM
I just loaded the new nav disc and am planning a trip up the East Coast - VA to NY to RI to Mass and back (chasing seafood: clams, lobster etc.) I'll keep that feature in mind - may even test it to see how it works. Thanks for the info.

05-13-13, 03:54 PM
If traveling on weekend get an early start or pull into the I95 parking lot well below Fredericksburg.

05-14-13, 11:00 AM
Forgot - one interesting note - as I was trying to get off Balt/Wash Pkwy to surface roads a CTS-V pulled off in front of me. Rarely see any CTS-V so this was unreal. He appeared to be in a hurry.