View Full Version : 68 Fleetwood Hard to engage drive

425 Dual Quad
05-12-13, 06:51 PM
HI All!
Suddeny findihng it very hard to get the68 Fleetwood into drive. The shifter is really tight and I have to really tug it down to get it into drive from Park. Going into Reverse or Neutral is fine, just drops in, but to get it into forward gears is hard. Also can jump out of Drive up into Neutral when I pull away for the first time - so I have to hold she shifter down.
I've had a look at the linkages from inside the engine bay and there doesn't seem to be any binding and the Z bar doesn't seem to be twisted - I can't see the frame end of the Z bar though, will have to get it up in the air for that.
I was low on fluid but I've topped it up now. Any ideas please?
Thanks, Nick