: Is there a SLS/STS performance chip/programer yet?

09-12-03, 11:28 PM
Other than cold air intake, is there anything out there for N* engines?

09-13-03, 10:38 AM
I dont think there is much of anything for OBDII cadillacs......

You could always get exhaust.......

<3 my 95 SLS
09-17-03, 12:26 PM
I was also wondering the same thing? But im guessing there really isnt alot for a Sedan.. Im just going to get a performance K & N air filter and some nice exhaust. I did find a performance chip somewhere on the net not sure if i would trust it though..:(

09-17-03, 05:44 PM
OBDI is really easy to reprogram (compared to OBDII)..... talk to katshot, he knows a really good guy that does this....!

09-29-03, 12:59 PM

I own a 96 SLS and would love to boost the HP output.

"Im just going to get a performance K & N air filter and some nice exhaust."

Last time I checked with K & N, they told me that they didn't make an air filter for the 96 SLS. Are you talking about a cutting the existing intake tube and 'making it fit' operation or does K & N now make a filter for this car? If they do and if you have a part number that would help me a lot.

OK, now I'm about to show my complete ignorance here. What is an OBDI and OBDII, and how can they be reprogrammed to boost HP output?



09-29-03, 05:14 PM
K/N doesnt make a kit for the northstar..... And I even debate its effectiveness, even if they did make one...... If you must, just upgrade the panel (they make one that fits close, do a search, its been mentioned)......

OBDI is the 1st generation of On Board Diagnostics....... And, OBDII, is, well, you get the idea......

Anyway, from the factory, they design the cars to run with premium, but WILL run with regular...... By changing certain paramters (dont know the science behind it), they can produce more power......... They also change things like air/fuel mix, timing, and other things like that.......