View Full Version : Part #'s for headlight assembly gaskets?

05-12-13, 05:07 PM
Im looking for the gaskets that go inside the headlight access covers. After looking on a few oem sites I cant seem to find them, any help please?

05-12-13, 05:33 PM
Not available. Must buy the whole door.

05-12-13, 06:24 PM
Unless yours are broken in two, what's wrong with using Gasket Sealer, I believe #2,
the NON-Hardening kind,as you are NOT in there, every day or week !
Or Silicone Seal.
Happy Motoring.

05-12-13, 07:00 PM
I could go that route I suppose...I had a sealing problem before and combined the gaskets with some sealant. I installed 10000k HID's and cant see shit with them. Installing 4300k hids bulbs instead. So ill try just sealant by itself and hope it seals! THanks guys.

05-13-13, 03:15 PM
I sealed mine with the clear silicone windshield stuff. Had to go in and replace the peanut bulbs, and had no trouble getting in.

05-13-13, 06:17 PM
I meant in conjunction with the rubber gasket,
NOT sure it would seal well without the rubber !
Gaps are large.
Happy Motoring.

05-14-13, 03:53 PM
Yes, I used the clear silicone in conjunction with the foam seal that had a tear in it.

05-14-13, 10:49 PM
I found one was put in wrong at the factory, the other wound up partially twisted when I put it back in...

So I got to do it all...again.

I used clear tub and tile caulk, and went so far as to seal the easy-to-access part of the inner panels' outer edge.

I didn't want to take it apart a third time.

Peanut bulbs are now LED, so I should be good for a decade.

05-15-13, 05:19 PM
I thought the same thing and the cheap Chinese LEDs went out in less than a year.

05-15-13, 06:07 PM
I got mine from superbright and ones flickering lasted 2 years.