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05-12-13, 03:12 PM
I'm reading a lot of threads about upgrading the rotors and pads. The brake dust is crazy... So I think I'm going to pickup some nice ceramic pads. Also meanwhile replace the rotors with some nice slotted, cross drilled, or both.

Which are the best everyone likes? And I'm looking for quality! Some I've seen have cracked. I'm staying away from cheapebay. Maybe go with a bosch or brembo? Or what's great quality mid grade no brake the bank, lol... (break) :bouncy:

05-12-13, 07:12 PM
I would stick with OEM. I just don't think drilled is ever worth it. Plus, I think slotted looks much better than drilled anyway...

05-12-13, 08:13 PM
Agreed. If I do, I'll just go with slotted. Cross drilled more for cooling and racing, doesn't last as long, less material.

Anyone for pads?

05-13-13, 10:53 PM
I go with OEM semi-metallic pads. The ceramic pads don't stop as well.

05-14-13, 12:56 AM
I go with OEM semi-metallic pads. The ceramic pads don't stop as well.

I second that. I'm not a ceramic fan. The dust isn't as bad but they don't seem to stop as well. I tried them on a few different vehicles that were more for show than performance. The lighter brake dust is nice on a show car's wheels but my V is for go not for show.

05-14-13, 07:57 AM
Slotted or drilled rotors are going to produce more brake dust, since they're cutting away pad material with each swipe. If you're concerned about brake dust, just stick with plain rotors.

05-14-13, 08:11 AM
I would go with name-brand inexpensive Ceramics. Autozone, Raybestos, ect, in my experience for the purpose of a street driven car and to reduce dusting, they're all effectively the same.

As for stopping distance. Typically I find cermanics need a bit more heat to really start to grab, and that the feel is a bit more wooden so modulation in a track enviroment is more vauge. However, we're still talking about a car with 4 pots and 14" rotors all around, acutal distance increase is negligable, if any.