: Newbie Needs Pinstriping Advice

05-12-13, 09:54 AM
Greetings from south FL. Recently purchased a 2013 Flannel Gray SRX (downsized from my last Escalade) and am looking to personalize this gorgeous beast. I notice most side pinstriping is done along the contour line just below the window frames. I was kinda thinking the contour line that intersects with the door handles is a stronger line and would be more eye catching. It's easy to miss the stripe below the window.

Has anyone striped this way and maybe has a pix to post? Any comments would be appreciated.
Drive On!

05-12-13, 10:50 AM
My advice is not to stripe it- it's kind of an older, non current mod (like gold emblems on a car- it was nice back in the day, but now not so much). I personally wouldn't do it but that's just one person's opinion. I think the SRX looks best unmodified and clean (no stripes).