: 2004 ESV cluster issues

05-12-13, 01:29 AM
Hello all,

So this 2004 ESV i purchased from a private seller had the check engine light removed. Tonight i removed the cluster so i could get it prepped to replace the missing LED's and this is what i found.....

As you can see the LED's were removed from the board, from what i guess it was a somewhat of a professional job as the led's were not scrapped off as i originally thought but rather removed with a soldering iron. I took pics of both sides of the board and the overlay to show which lights were removed. From what i gather, the check engine light was removed along with the car alarm(pic of the esv and lock), and a transmission light(pic of the D symbol with a circle around it).

from what i see, i would need another LED with resistor for the car alarm, and "D" light. But what about the check engine light? It looks like they removed more than just a resistor and LED, what else would i need to get this working right?

Should i just buy another cluster and not deal with the headache?

By the way, i hooked it up to a scan tool and the only check engine light was an evap code. I replaced the gas cap 100 miles ago and no more check engine lights.

Any help would be appreciated!!

Oh, and i also included another pic of the alarm they had installed. I was going to lube up the steering shaft because of a rubber rubbing sound i heard and this thing came out and greeted me. It pretty much looks like they tapped into a bunch of wires, how hard is it to remove this and install my Viper 5704?

05-14-13, 03:44 AM
I would get another computer board that works, unless you know how to solder. If you know how to solder then just match the light up from eBay and replace them. I purchased some led's and reconnected the dash and made sure they came on before soldering them to the board, thus my dash is now all LED and bright. I see you have all of the older stepper motors as well. Order them from eBay and replace them as well as they will all soon go out( the new motors should all be black). I just replaced 6 of mind this weekend in about 20 mins. No reprogramming needed. Just youtube that video, follow his instructions there, easy job. The alarm looks like a best buy job. If you can match the wires up if it works then change it out if not go to a professional, let them remove it. It may have a starter kill and if you don't reconnect the starter wires your truck will not start. I hope this has helped you out, if not send me a message and I'll go into detail for you.

05-14-13, 09:33 PM
That reminds me of when i worked at a car dealer and cars would come in with electrical tape over the check engine light. Like.... JUST FIX IT!!!!