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05-12-13, 01:01 AM
Well I had my 04 ctsv dynoed today. I made 371 hp and 352 torque. It has long tubes, exhaust, fast 92mm with a ls2 throttle body and is untuned. I was wondering if this is average numbers for these mods on a LS6 or is that a little bit high or is it low? Also it was dynoed on a mustany dyno.

05-12-13, 01:45 AM
Did they have the afr hooked up and give you a printout?

05-12-13, 04:32 AM
Looks correct untuned, yes. Tuned, I would expect you to pick up maybe 10hp and 10+ tq.

05-12-13, 08:54 AM
Sweet... I guess my future goal of 400+ HP at the wheels isn't just a pipe dream. I want to do all that plus machining of the stock heads and a new cam and valvetrain.

Do you have the graph printout? From what I have seen the fast intake moves the powerband a little higher in the revs. Maybe that's just with the bigger fast102 though.

05-12-13, 10:12 AM
It was a dyno day event so they couldn't print out anything at the time due to so many cars there, but they are going to email me the graphs so as soon as I get them ill post them up. I was pretty happy with the numbers I made. A friend of mine has a G8 GT with a cold air intake, long tubes, exhaust, and it is tuned he put down 353hp and 355 torque which is surprising due to the fact its 10 horses and 10 foot pounds of torque higher then what he did on a dyno jet. We were both scared to dyno our cars on a mustang dyno due to the fact we have heard a mustang dyno shows much lower numbers. Another friend dynoed his Terminator cobra and only put down 435hp and 455 torque. I know I said "only" but he had that car put on a dyno jet before this event and it put down 505hp and 535 torque. So he was not happy lol.

05-12-13, 10:20 AM
The FAST is going to enhance gains from a cam-- on it's own, it's been shown it doesn't do much.

05-12-13, 10:21 AM
the 92mm was helping build power all the way around IMO. the first run I told him to pull only to 6000rpms and he told me it has more power after 6000. He said he has dynoed these cars before and with long tubes and exhaust no intake manifold only put down 340s and one put down 350s with a mild tune.

05-12-13, 11:00 AM
Its all in how the dunno is set up in all honesty. Numbers can be skewed so badly from one to another and from one operator to another. The difference between the general dyno numbers is because they use different friction systems. Dyno jets basically use a single big drum to simulate a road... Mustangs use an eddycurrent brake system on 2 smaller rollers to simulate a road. From what I understand new dynojets also have a brake system so that they are better for tuning cars. Mustang dynos are great for tuning. Dynojets are for big numbers. People will disagree with me I'm sure but that is my experience as limited as it may be.

Edit: it also depends on if it SAE corrected or not.

05-12-13, 01:34 PM
I went from about 333hp to 374hp on the same dyno, in similar weather. That was from stock to the following mods: B&B headers w/no cats, B&B catback, LPE CAI and a tune. With similar gains in torque.

05-13-13, 02:19 PM
Throw a good cam and valve springs on it and you'll get your 400 RWHP!

05-13-13, 06:46 PM
Why would you or your friend be upset at different numbers on different dynos? The dyno is constant and will accurately show the difference between the cars on that dyno. Sounds like you don't understnd what a dyno is for... if you want to just show how big your er um ...car's output is. With the mods you have, you should get it tuned properly. Can you afford a new motor if it's detonating? Spend the $300-500 and get it tuned. How much did your fast and tb cost you?I guess I'm on the other side of being conservative and safe... I have Kooks headers, cats, Corsa and LPE cold air intake and had it tuned... 370whp/360wtq on a dynojet.

05-14-13, 07:43 AM
... I have Kooks headers, cats, Corsa and LPE cold air intake and had it tuned... 370whp/360wtq on a dynojet.The same mods minus the intake gave my car an SAE-corrected 350 rwhp with similar torque on a Dynojet.

Dyno-to-dyno comparisons aren't the greatest.

05-14-13, 11:23 AM
I have a 04 V with longtube headers full exhaust and also a cold air intake.. What else small power adders can be added to gain some more HP? I do not want to get it tuned till I add everything I can for more HP.

05-14-13, 12:09 PM
Poor decision.

05-14-13, 01:32 PM
Get t tuned now. Most tuners will send free small changes tunes for free.

05-14-13, 08:10 PM
With the headers, intake and tb you really need a tune IMO. You are probably running very rich and you're losing power from too rich. A think a tune will open up quite a bit more power. That and cam swap you should be over 400whp.

05-14-13, 09:41 PM
The same mods minus the intake gave my car an SAE-corrected 350 rwhp with similar torque on a Dynojet.

Dyno-to-dyno comparisons aren't the greatest.agreed.

And motor to motor isn't the same either.