: 2004 Cadillac CTS 3.6 automatic shifter issues

05-11-13, 11:29 PM
04 CTS 3.6 auto, my issue is after placing in park majority of the time I can not remove the key from the ignition. I have narrowed my issue down to the small black box attached to the back side of the actuator that is located on the right side of the shift assembly. Any chance that the tiny black box is sold seperately? If not how about the shift actuator assembly? not really looking to replace the entire shifter assembly.

Thanks in advance.

05-13-13, 11:15 AM

Is that what you're looking for?

it's the shift lock control solenoid ... it keeps you from shifting out of park until you press the brake pedal (among other things)

05-14-13, 12:36 AM
Yep thats the booger... I am having my issues with the small box that the wires go to on the right. I am guessing it is all sold as one solenoid unit? Whats the cost for #6

05-14-13, 10:30 AM
$78.84 - list price
$56.20 - your price

Shipping will depend ...