: 2013 Driveline shudder ?

05-11-13, 11:24 PM
When I apply light throttle at any speed I get a light driveline shudder, I noticed this seems to occur only when in V4 mode, or when it's right on the edge of V4 going to V8 mode. It's very annoying. When in trailer mode, the shudder goes away. This is my third escalade having owned a 08, 10, and now a 13 and I can't seem to remember this in my other vehicles. Is this just the way it is, or could something be wrong ?

05-12-13, 07:05 AM
I notice a subtle engine vibration when in V4 mode. I believe this is normal.

05-12-13, 02:19 PM
A little shudder is normal, and you may feel a slight bump when it changed from V4 to V8, kinda like torque converter lockup, if you know what that is. Try using different gas, that will affect "feel " also.